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Message from the Department chair

The importance of electrical and communication technologies has been increasing in every sector of society. Hybrid cars are selling well in Japan. Electric vehicles are under development throughout the world, some already on the market. Energy-saving houses are equipped with solar panels and fuel cells for self-power generation and made all-electric to achieve high energy efficiency. Smart phones have rapidly become popular. There is a ubiquitous telecommunication environment. Research is being conducted on information networks that link home appliances together to enable users to check their home appliance and security conditions remotely. In every industry, demand has grown rapidly for electricians and communications engineers who support the above-mentioned advances in society. The Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering offers courses on extensive knowledge and technologies in electrical, electronic and communications network engineering for you to gain a wide range of knowledge from solid basics to applications learned through your graduation research. We train you to become sought-after specialists in the future society.

Department Chair, Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering